Pissing Myself

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So after a long extended absence due to well…. health, workplace restructure, re-jobbing myself to a workplace less toxic, more RSI related issues, some lackluster internet a broken keyboard and what not (lol once the barriers rack up it doesn’t take much to sway me towards other activities.) I finally found my desire to play wow returned and wowsers also my ability to sit for a few hours straight at the computer giving myself the turtle-neck of gaming tension also restored.

I dusted everything off, I made the usual epic “hello I am back on wow” posts… only to have Christmas land (had to leave town for weeks), and then there were the pre & post Christmas parades of couch surfers going between Brisbane and Sydney  stopping over at my place in the mountains (love you guys!).

Needless to say I just really really wanted to spend my days online, maybe even just a weekend, and suddenly I couldn’t due to having fricken adult responsibilities… damn-dang-it which only made me want to play more.

One of my couch surfers was my old warlock buddy from officering days, who gave me many inspiring “remember the good old days of Warcraft” nostalgia DMS* sessions. Winding me up further.

Needless to say I was gagging to play. Finally I break and seeing one couch-surfer was fully involved in some Netflix series on her laptop, I sidle out of the room to game. I sit down and you know the story … I blow up my computer. Jesus wept. I spend the next few hours dismantling, dusting and troubleshooting and it’s the graphics card as mentioned in some previous post.

So frustration results in a couple of desperate weeks of gagging on internet research into current gaming hardware. I also concurrently ordered another antiquated gforce GTX card for the dusty old box.  I find out pfft you only have to sneeze to sign up for a half dozen 1k limit shopping credit cards, omg. I control my urge to drop cash on the first viable looking thing, and do some YouTube review video trolling.

All this while returning to work and having to sort some interpersonal disputes between my IT resources on a project at work and breaking down the vendor invoices for 12months of time and materials on another project at work and well integrating two 10week old RSPCA foster puppies into my household.

Discovering that VR is a thing that happened in the last 4 years I wasn’t paying attention due to mortgages, dogs and work was so shocking; so every blow-joe and my entire girly craft night circle has been inflicted with my rants about how I missed VR becoming affordable and household *rants include demo play videos from YouTube shown from my phone because i do quality rants.

I am suddenly seeing Twitch streams that are hilarious (but still better when they are edited for youtube imo) because there is nothing like watching a game with a small screen of a little person trying to interact with an invisible environment in their VR gear. Sooo funny.


Anyway I’ved decided my course of action:

  1. Repair old box because broken things make me cry (cheap graphics card replacement ahoy)
  2. Order budget gaming laptop, which beats my old gaming machine by leagues. In this case I’m thinking that the Dell Inspiron 7000 (something i7 HD and GTX 1050 Ti and screen ISP), because I don’t want cutting edge tech for this and I really did not realize laptops are decent machines for games now – this is all new to me.
  3. After I’ve done the UK trip in 2019, and after I’ve fixed the roof & purchased a travel-van for australian road trips … i suppose i buy a new box that is VR capable.


*Deep Meaning Shit (where you talk late and long about all sorts of shit… sometimes even your feelings)

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